How to get lit this summer: According to Emerson

Emerson Figueroa, News Editor

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Adam Kaplan
You could be at a lit concert like this in the summer.

Ah, summer. That nice time of year filled with great weather, good vibes, and the best part–taking a break from school. Summer just has that vibe to it where you feel more active, more full of energy, and you just want to go out and turn up. The problem is, you don’t really have an idea of what to do, but no worries, fam, I got’chu.

All right, first off, get tickets to see Kendrick Lamar perform at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn on July 20. Can’t make it? Then don’t trip, fam, there’s an even more lit show on July 23 that features Travis Scott and DRAM. If you slack off and miss both of them, then, fam, count your blessings, cause Kendrick has a last show in Newark on August 25, so no excuses. Go watch the new “King of Hip-Hop” perform live.

If yo’ kind of lit is singing your heart out and crying over the stunning vocals of John Legend, then you have three opportunities to do that and they’re only in June. He performs in Camden on June 22, and in Madison Square Garden on June 27 and 28. Go ahead and start your summer by letting all yo’ feels out in a John Legend concert so they don’t get in the way of you turning up for the rest of July and August.

There are also tickets to see other artists like Meek Mill, Lady Gaga, U2, all in New York City. Ed Sheeran will be in Buffalo, NY, so visit that city or go down to Philly where he’ll be performing again in July. Gorillaz will also be in Philly in July.

Going to a live concert be lit. I’m telling ya’, it be like that especially if you’re going to that Kendrick and Travis one–ooooh, boi, ya’ going to be wild, so go ahead and make them moves with your squad, all right?

Here’s another idea. Go camping. We live in such a perfect place to go camping; it’s literally right here. Just take a tent and, you know, all your other camping stuff, and go camping with ya’ crew. Just make sure ya’ don’t do anything dumb like tick off a bear and make sure ya’ go well prepared. You don’t want to be catching those ticks either.

Don’t like those choices? Sign up for a marathon with a friend, or your whole squad. Are you athletic and like running? That’s perfect for you, and even if you are not really a runner, who cares? Join and see what the experience is like. You can always lie about your time to your friends. Go ahead and try it out! You might like it and, aye, it’s summer, you have to try new things while you have the chance. While you are at it, join one that has purpose, like raising money for some kind of charity. You are doing something that could be fun and doing volunteer work at the same time. Two birds, one stone, fam.

You could also host a barbecue with yo’ friends, especially if you live by the lake. Come on now. What ain’t lit ‘bout a BBQ? You got mad food laid out–ribs, grilled chicken, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, grilled corn, steak, all that and whatever more you want. You can just smell the food and imagine how bustinnn (good) it’s about to be. The whole environment of just chillin’ with yo’ squad, eating food, laughing, cranking to some music, or doing other fun stuff like swimming right there on the lake, or, even fishing. It’s just nice, ya’ know? And everybody can sleepover after. Come on now, don’t tell me that wouldn’t be lit, you’d be straight lying to yourself.

All right, one of the coolest things to do, but probably also one of the most expensive (or it might not be), is going on a road trip with your friends. It doesn’t have to be that far, but if you can, try to go out into other states. You can go upstate, check out cities like Buffalo or Boston and make stops here and there at interesting places. Go down the East coast, which, would be, in my opinion, a lot better.

Maybe make a first stop at Philly if you haven’t been there before. Then check out a place like the Baltimore Harbor; it’s mad chill and nice there, trust me. Since you are already in the area, you have to go down by D.C. There’s so much to see there. If you can, stop by Ocean City or Virginia Beach, they are really nice as well.

Oh, and if you’re visiting that D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area, grab yourself a newspaper from our last edition and take a picture of “Roamin’ the Halls with Emerson” on page seven. They have their own thing going on down there, so if you are talking to other high school/college students, you won’t be lost in what they are saying.

Go ahead and turn up this summer. Don’t be dry and just sit at home and get all in yo’ feels about how boring your summer is. Ya’ boi Emmy just hooked you up with some lit things to do, so go ahead and do them, not just read this and be like, “That’d be nice. I think I’ll try that jawnt,” and nah, you just forget and don’t do it. Straight like Nike, “Just do it”, all right? Go have fun this summer!