Nintendo announces new gaming console

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Dominique Basil, Bucky's Editor

Finally, the wait is over. There have been rumors about a new Nintendo console since last year, which had lead to much speculation. But now those rumors can be put to rest. On January 13, details for the new Nintendo Switch were revealed and preorders are now available. However, the Nintendo Switch will not be released until March 3 of this year, at a price of $300.
This new device is a handheld and home console hybrid. The console holds new and improved features such as the Joy-Con controller that can detach and become two handheld controllers. There will also be multiple controllers and accessories available for use with the console to customize the way people play. According to, The system’s battery can last between 2.5 and 6.5 hours depending upon which game a person is playing. Fortunately, the new charging cable is the modern USB-C connector, allowing a quick charge on the go.
Notably, the console is NOT region locked, allowing fans to play foreign games, which is a benefit to global gamers.
But of course, this new console won’t be flawless. One of these major flaws with the Nintendo Switch would be that the system is NOT backwards compatible. There will be new online services that will include online lobbies, voice chat, and free NES and SNES games every month; however, they will only be free in the beginning. About six months after the release, the services will require money to play online. Even though this new console will not be perfect, there are still plenty of promising features for fans.