Video-sharing platform Vine to shut down

Dominique Basil, Bucky's Editor

Recently Internet viewers experienced an event defined by tragedy. On October 27, it was announced that Vine is soon being discontinued for several different reasons. One cause is the company that owns Vine, Twitter, is cutting approximately 9% of its workforce. The other is that they could not keep pace with the other more popular forms of social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Ultimately, the company is losing money.
Regardless of the reason for the shut down, people were outraged to hear of the impending closure.
The Internet world was devastated upon hearing of the discontinuation of the site. Popular Vine star, Melanie Bracewell, tweeted, “You can rip my four million vine loops out of my cold dead hands” (via Twitter). Although Vines are just six second videos, they are still loved by many. People could do many activities in just six-seconds. Whether it was making music, singing, cooking,making memes, showing anime clips, or doing some silly little skit, people loved these clips.
Some believe that Twitter is making an enormous mistake shutting down the beloved site. It is quite popular.
It is rumored that Twitter has been considering selling Vine to another company, giving users hope that Vine might still be saved. Is Instagram next? Maybe Facebook? Fans will have to wait to find out. Nevertheless, Interwebbers will, sadly, soon be wishing the beloved site, Vine, goodbye. Rest in peace, Vine.