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Post holiday sales benefit shoppers

Shana Bigley, Out and About Editor

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Although the best sales are arguably on Black Friday, don’t put your wallet away once the holiday is over! After-Christmas sales are just as good — if not better.
While many may not be waiting to jump on the Christmas decoration sales right after the holidays, it is a very smart purchase. You can expect Christmas trees, garland, wreaths, ornaments, stockings, and holiday cards to be on sale once Christmas has passed simply because they aren’t year-round items ( Particularly, wrapping paper has been seen as much as ninety percent off ! By buying Christmas decor directly after the holidays, you will ultimately save considerable money and time. By next holiday season, you will already have your decorations ready to be hung proudly, without taking a chunk out of your wallet!
Aside from festive decorations, post-Christmas is one of the best times to buy electronics. Although you may be looking forward to seeing your favorite gaming system under the tree waiting for you to tear apart on Christmas morning, be patient and wait to purchase such items after Christmas has passed. Reason being, many stores are making room for the following year’s models ( As a result, most electronics will be discounted in order to make way for the newest products — making it a smart decision to purchase after the holidays in order to guarantee the biggest bang for your buck.
As for clothing, it is well advised that you check major department stores, as they are known for their huge after-Christmas sales. Although some people may not be aware, you should always check the clearance racks — for you have the opportunity of receiving an additional percentage off. Some of the most popular post-Christmas sales includes discounts from Nordstrom, Target, Victoria’s Secret, and more (!
If you are unable to participate in the infamous Black Friday sales, there’s no need to worry. There are always opportunities to save money once Christmas has passed — and you can even beat the brutality of Black Friday — and all the anxious parents that come along with it.

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Post holiday sales benefit shoppers