Deadpool kills the box office

Dominique Basil, Bucky's Backyard Editor

The anti-hero Deadpool finally gets his own movie with plenty of comedy, vulgarity, and fourth wall breaking with very…intense scenes.

The movie is about the origins of Deadpool, who was originally the mercenary Wade Wilson. After Wade is diagnosed with cancer, he decides to do anything to cure his cancer and not hurt the life of someone so dear to him. After going through his “treatment”, he is cured. But not without consequences. Luckily, he gains insane regeneration powers, granting him immortality. But he isn’t exactly that great to look at anymore. Not wanting to interfere with his lover’s life, he instead hunts down the man who made him look so horrific and hoping to find a cure.

The movie was filled with hilarious scenes and characters, even the opening credits were entertaining! This was overall an AMAZING movie. The actor Ryan Reynolds easily displayed Wade Wilson’s vulgar and comedic personality with the right emotions. The movie is also very similar to the original origins within the Deadpool comics. Deadpool was basically exactly what Marvel fans hoped he would be.

However, the movie was rated R for a reason. Actually a lot of reasons. So it will probably be hard to get into since we’re only in high school. So hopefully your parents are cool enough to help you get into this movie. But it will still be awkward with just your mom or dad, so bring a friend. Just don’t bring any little kids. This movie is way too inappropriate for them. In the end this movie is just awesome. So do whatever you can to see this movie. Seriously. Go watch it.