Familiar faces walk the halls on Alumni Day

Many students in West Milford recently saw some familiar faces back roaming the halls of the high school on January 7. Seeing West Milford graduates meant only one thing- it was the annual Alumni Day, where students from years past come back to visit and share their college or workforce experiences with those who are looking towards figuring out their future career plans.

Teachers signed up to have alums visit their classrooms to discuss their post-graduate lives and answer questions curious highschoolers have about life after leaving the fishbowl. Students in the classroom got a kick out of seeing old friends and learning about what to expect from college from a college student’s point of view. Brochures from the school you plan to attend can only give you so wide a scope into what the transition from high school to college is like; real life experience is valuable to those anticipating graduation in the coming spring.

Previous students of West Milford were eager to give advice and talk candidly about their the ups and downs of transitioning to a more independent life on a college campus. Questions that may be awkward at school orientation were easy to ask in this environment. Students asked question like: How easy it it make friends? What are classes like? How much studying is necessary outside of the classroom? What are roommates like? How do you manage all your time on your own now?

While the prospect of one day graduating high school is exciting, there is probably some hesitation as well. High school tries to prepare you for rigorous college classes or practical skills to head out directly into the workforce, but some students find the idea a bit daunting. Having a casual question and answer session with people students know is great for reassuring nervous students about how engaging independence can be.

Alumni Day a unique opportunity provided at West Milford, so don’t be afraid to raise your hand next year and inquire about college life. The alum might just have an answer that may surprise you!