Are we really alone?

Are we really alone?

Dominique Basil, Bucky's Backyard Editor

Earth is the only planet in our solar system that we know of that has sustained life. But are the creatures on Earth the only beings alive in the galaxy? The universe? Will we ever know? So far life another planet is unconfirmed since there hasn’t been much solid evidence to prove it. The fact that the universe , or even just our galaxy is so massive, that we can’t travel far with the technology of our time. The conditions to even have astronauts travel to another planet like Neptune is nearly impossible because of the distance from our planet.  However, that doesn’t mean there is no evidence at all. There have been many possible encounters, sightings, or even pieces of our history linked to the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Although they could just be hoaxes, some of the evidence is rather believable. I personally believe that we cannot be the only forms of life in such a vast area. There are tons of videos on websites like YouTube, UFO News and many more that reveal  photographs and eyewitness accounts of encountering aliens. There are even stories from astronauts who believe they’ve encountered other life forms. Some people even suggest that there were corpses of aliens found on farms and other areas. There is evidence just about anywhere you look. Even in historical paintings there are strange hovering objects in the background  hinting that our ancestors believed they weren’t alone.

There is also the Roswell incident of 1947 where something had crashed in New Mexico. The government declared it as a surveillance or weather balloon and attempted to cover up the crash. However many witnesses believe it to be a UFO. Still to this day there is no concrete evidence of what happened. People try to prove that there was no UFO and it was just another earthly object. But other witnesses and believers still continue to fight and believe otherwise. The possibility of other life forms within the universe may never be answered and is an extremely controversial topic which remains open for debate.  

Although there is plenty of evidence, there is nothing that stands out as a pure fact. For all we know everything (eyewitness accounts, photos, accidents, etc) could all be a hoax. Or does the government want you to believe that? What are they hiding from us? What do you believe? Is there solid proof? Are we really alone…?