New Roy Rogers is a better option


Dominique Basil, Bucky's Backyard Editor

Are you passing by Franklin and happen to be hungry, but not hungry enough to risk giving yourself diabetes by devouring McDonald’s? A better fast food restaurant would be the new Roy Rogers in Franklin.
The restaurant has newly upgraded technology, comfortable decor, and tastier and healthier food to go along with it. The open salad bar gives you plenty of freedom to choose what you want on your burger rather than having to be really specific or picking off those onions you don’t want.
The older Roy Rogers was a mark in history of fast food restaurants years ago. Roy Rogers used all natural ingredients rather than processed ones. The restaurant was the most loved fast food restaurant since the late 1960’s. That was until the Marriot Company that owned the chain of restaurants sold Roy Rogers to the Hardee’s company. Ever since then, the restaurant was gone. But now Roy Rogers is back and better than before! However, the new Roy Rogers had surprisingly low ratings despite being overall a wonderful place for any meal at any time of the day.
I honestly didn’t have many complaints about the restaurant, and none of those complaints I had were even major. I had a basic cheeseburger with fries and mac n’ cheese as sides with a Coca-Cola. The burgers were definitely better quality than other fast food restaurants and the fries were saltier and tasted like actual potatoes rather than other “all natural” fries at other fast food restaurants. The soda machine itself had basically every possible Coca-Cola product and a billion of different flavors of fountain drink. The machine is very similar to the one in the also newly built Mc Donald’s on Route 23 South. The mac n’ cheese was decent, but it wasn’t your normal type of mac n’ cheese since it was white cheddar, but it was still creamy. I don’t really like white cheddar cheese myself, so that was just my opinion. If you do like it, then you probably wouldn’t complain like I am.
Overall it was a good meal to enjoy. A few recommendations I would have would be to keep the food warmer and to give different varieties of mac n’ cheese rather than just white cheddar. I also had a plain vanilla milkshake, but I personally wasn’t very thrilled about it. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I had expected. I would rather go to Burger King for a milkshake than Roy Rogers. The milkshake