The return of Gorski

The return of Gorski

“Perseverance, respect, integrity, dedication, and excellence.” These are the words every student hears on the morning announcements. No principal could have as much spirit and dedication  for his school as Mr. Gorski, and now that he has returned to his post as our high school principal, we are sure to see lots of spirit in the halls and on the playing field this year. “I’m always excited at this school,” he says eagerly, “because no other school has greater energy. You can’t find it anywhere else.”

While Mr. Hessler was acting principal at our high school for the 2014-2015 school year, Mr. Gorski was spending time as Marshall Hill Elementary’s acting principal while Mr. McCormick was on sick leave. He speaks of his time at the elementary school as a wonderful experience. “I’m happy for the opportunity at Marshall Hill. The staff and parents were great, and the chance to see teaching on the purest level has been a great experience.”

Teaching at the elementary school also meant that Mr. Gorski was able to spend more time with his two young children. “One thing that makes the high school great  is the programs and activities. I try to get to everything and it’s difficult to do when you have young kids. I don’t want to miss the milestones.”

Mr. Gorski had made it    his personal goal this year to encourage Highlander Pride in our everyday school setting. He is very excited to “put our best face forward and show the community all the positive things this high school has to offer. I’m proud to have been this high school’s principal on and off for four years. I have reflected in that and it’s something everyone in this school can relate to. School spirit is not a throwaway part of our high school, and you don’t want to lose that spirit.”

The best way to achieve this is by sticking to what he believes can be achieved by us as individual students and as a school community as a whole. “It’s [the goal is] to remain on message and not waver from it. In all conversations with students, staff, and parents, it is imperative to share those themes. I talk about what it [school pride] means to me and put myself out there to start a group reflection. The students will all be the judges about making every connection and not letting it die.”

The students of West Milford High School are sure to see lots of black and gold this year, and hopefully Mr. Gorski’s plans for keeping school spirit alive and thriving will be a triumphant success. Mr. Gorski will lay the plan, but the student body needs to make it a reality.