Venom 2 Let there be carnage was well received at the movies!


Kaylee Stillman, Features Editor

Tom Hardy is back in his role as Venom in the sequel to the 2018 Marvel movie of the same name.  Venom let there be carnage premiered on October 1, 2021 and is rated PG-13.
Although it was originally slated for release on October 15, audiences couldn’t wait and it came out earlier.


The film is directed by Andy Serkis who has directed  “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle” (2018), and “Breathe” (2017). At the moment, “Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage” is only available to watch in movie theaters, and has a run time of 97 minutes.


 Some of the other cast members in the movie are Michelle Williams. Naomie Harris, Woody Harrelson, and many more. Tom Holland Does  make a cameo as Spiderman in the end credits scene.

Woody Harrelson who will play Carnage, is known for his role as Haymitch in the
“Hunger Games”. Michelle Williams, who plays Anne Weying in “Venom 2 let there be carnage”, is best known for playing  Jen Lindiliey in “Dawson’s Creek” and also for her role as Charity Barnum in “The Greatest Showman”. 


In the original “Venom” movie, viewers heard the story of “a failed reporter who [was] bound to an alien entity; this alien [was] one of many symbiotes who tried to invade earth. However, the being takes a liking to earth and decides to protect it  (Google )      The movie made $100M at the box office in the first 5 days and, according to Google,  

83% of viewers liked it.


A plot leak from “HN Entertainment” says that the “Venom 2 Let there be carnage” movie will be the origin story of Carnage (Cletus Kasady), played by Woody Harrelson. In the original film Carnage was the human host to the alien being, but Cletus Kasady was also a serial killer, who, after being taken over by the alien, became even more psychotic.


After watching an 8-minute “Behind the Scenes” video, I’ve seen some cool facts about how they made “Venom 2 let there be carnage.”  The directors used a lot of really good CGI. In the scene where Venom comes off Eddie’s sweatshirt, they use special lighting to make the sweatshirt look darker.  Another cool element was when Tom Hardy recorded Venom’s voice before doing the scene, and then would listen to them while doing the scene.

Fans of the first movie also did not like Woody Harrelson with a wing, but in the sequel he got a more realistic one, which made it more believable and enjoyable.

Finally, a really impressive part of this movie is that Tom Hardy actually wrote  part of the script himself. 


All in all, I think if you like thrills and Marvel, you should go see “Venom 2 let there be carnage”.