Improving style for the girls


April Roccisano, Co-Editor-in-Chief

It’s no secret that when it comes to fashion, a lot of teens dress extremely lazily. They show up to school in baggy sweatpants, old hoodies, pajamas, slippers, messy hair, no makeup. The standard for how we present ourselves has severely plummeted in the last five years when girls stopped putting effort into their appearances, and it is time to change that. There are many ways to improve your style, whether it be changing up where you shop, or mixing up what you wear.

Some common outfits present in the fashion industry include high-waisted jeans with a form fitted crop top or bodysuit, with a chunky belt. Anyone who keeps up with fashion blogs, magazines, celebrities, and shops in popular clothing stores will know that solid colors are in, or minimally designed patterns like stripes, not excessive florals or plaids. To look cute, but still be comfortable, sweatpants (usually black or gray) can be worn with a crop top and hoop earrings to accessorize. The overall style that is being coined is for simple and chic, which means keeping the outfit light and cute, and adding accessories to make it pop. 

 Accessories are key to making an outfit come together, however they must be kept simple and classy. Belts, earrings, solid colored scarves, pom-pom hats (not beanies which are not considered to be of high fashion right now), and even black, square shaped glasses are all commonly worn to pull an outfit together. Layering necklaces is extremely in right now, as long as the designs don’t clash, along with wearing lots of rings on many of your fingers. Many celebrities are pulling off that look!

Layers are also in as of right now, such as a cardigan with a tank top underneath, or puffer jackets. Sweaters are the most commonly worn winter top, and they can be worn with both jeans and leggings, as long as the colors do not clash.

 If attending a party or a fancy occasion, cocktail dresses are the hottest trend, coming in all colors and sizes. These dresses should be worn with chunky heels, not stiletto or straight heels, because stilettos are not current. The preferred colors would be black or silver.

Shoes wise, common day shoes are high top Converse, any Vans, and Sperry’s, which are underrated and look adorable with a pair of jeans.

Moving on to hair, French braids, small or large, are popular, and can be worn with all outfits. Hair down in curls looks best with cocktail dresses or bodysuits and jeans, not leggings or heavy shirts. Straight hair works for every occasion, but braiding parts of it or putting sections up in bobby pins accentuates the look. Highlighting hair can transform a person, no matter the color. Dyeing hair extreme colors is not a trend anymore, and neither is getting an undercut, so avoid those.

 For makeup, mascara and nude colored eyeshadows are the best way to go. Pink and autumn colored lip glosses/sticks help bring attention to those with bright colored eyes. A full face of makeup has made a comeback, with foundation, concealer, highlight, contour, everything– to enhance already beautiful features. 

When looking to improve your style, there are a few major things to avoid. Low rise jeans, knee high socks, hair bows, Crocs, brightly dyed hair, and loose clothes are all things that are no longer in style. The best places to shop at affordable prices would be Forever 21, American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale, Shein, and Pink/Victoria Secret, which can all be found online. 

No matter the person, everyone can be stylish and be her best self, so if that means being true to yourself and not following trends, then continue to be yourself. For those who want to follow fashion and trends, that is also great.  Heed my suggestions, and even take time to do some research on your own by shopping at the most popular stores and purchasing fashion magazines.