“driver’s license” was a smashing success


April Roccisano, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The young pop music industry changed forever on January 8 when Olivia Rodrigo released her hit single, “driver’s license”.   The song is rumored to be written about her breakup with “High School Musical the Musical the Series” co-star Joshua Bassett. The song sparked a wave of anger from fans towards Bassett and his rumored-to-be new girlfriend, Sabrina Carpenter. 

Rodrigo had originally released a sneak peek of her song with the lyrics “and you’re probably with that brunette girl, who always made me doubt”, however when the song was released, brunette was changed to blonde girl, a possible dig at Carpenter and her long blonde hair. 

The song is now number one on all charts, including Billboard, Apple, Spotify, and everything in between. Taylor Swift even congratulated Rodrigo for passing her on the charts, using the quote, “that’s my baby and I’m proud”, the same sentiment Swift’s mom said about Swift in an interview years prior. Rodrigo even broke Ariana Grande’s record of most streams in a day. So far, everything about this situation seems normal. A girl has her heart broken and writes a song slamming her ex, but here is where things get interesting. 

In a scene in “HSMTMTS”, Bassett improvised an iconic moment where his character confessed his love for Rodrigo’s character, making it hard to believe that someone who could say all that about someone on the spot could ever break that person’s heart. The improvised scene included the lines “I love you. Ever since you wrote that song about clouds.” Fans went nuts over this song, shaming Bassett and Carpenter for their relationship, however it has been confirmed that he did not cheat on Rodrigo, she is just taking the breakup hard.

 Bassett comes out with a new single called “lie, lie, lie” Thursday January 14, which fans have assumed is about Rodrigo. Since then, Bassett has come forward saying it was not about Rodrigo, but an ex-friend of his, although fans will continue to speculate about it.

The song was immediately introduced to TikTok trends, where fans started to make videos exposing Bassett, Carpenter, and other celebrities who have nothing to do with this situation. They realized Bassett posted on his social media, congratulating Rodrigo on her new song, in the same exact words and formats that many of Swift’s exes used when she released revenge tracks about them, including Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, and John Mayer. The song also talks about being left for a blonde girl, and that’s when other celebrities were brought into it.

The song remains a chart topper, and will continue to remain at the top of the charts for a long time given the rate at which it is being streamed.