“All American” season three is a touchdown *contains spoilers*


April Roccisano, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The second season of “All American” ended with huge cliffhangers and fans were eager to see what would happen in the next season, which has finally arrived! The show left off with Billy who decided to coach in Crenshaw, and Spencer, still with an unhealed arm, who decided to follow Billy back to Crenshaw, AND recovering addict Olivia drinking again, AND Coop who left for tour–wow, that’s a lot of drama!  Season three is already full of amazing storylines ready to be picked up from where they left off. The entire cast is signed to come back this season, and all seemed eager to show fans what is to come, especially since they have been busily posting all over social media. 

This season will also dive into the Black Lives Matter Movement and black rights, since the show is based on the hardships of living in a black community with gangs, violence, and racism towards one another, as well as racism from outsiders. There was one scene in season two where some of the black characters were being targeted for causing a disturbance at a Froyo, when in reality, all that happened was a young boy dropped his yogurt cup. Racial profiling was addressed in the show when the police were called and the characters were locked away until a well-to-do adult from Beverly Hills came to help them get out of jail. The messages displayed in this show are strong, and will only get more impactful when the reality of what has happened in this past year is depicted on screen.

The first episode of season three begins after the summer has ended, at the start of the characters’ senior year. I feel as though there is going to be a lot to this season, as the episode sparked a lot of new storylines. There is something going on between Olivia and Spencer, they are “giving each other space”, however many fans believe that they cheated with each other. This would mean they cheated on Asher and Layla, a storyline I would hate because I love Asher and Olivia together. Simone also had her baby, giving him up for adoption, and she and Jordan are still together. Coop and Layla came back from their tour, and we find out Patience left the tour early, saying to Coop that Layla’s dad “isn’t what he seems’ ‘. 

The second episode has now aired, and finally some questions are answered. Fans discovered that Patience had left the tour because Layla’s father stole one of Patience’s songs, and she was furious and decided she no longer wanted to be a part of his label. Layla offered to have her sign with her, and she will deal with her father. Viewers were shocked to find out that Asher had cheated on Olivia over the summer when he was in Mexico, and Olivia witnessed it because she went down to visit him. Many speculate Olivia came back and cheated on Asher with Spencer, as punishment. As more episodes come out there is hope to get this situation cleared up. The first two episodes definitely live up to expectations of the first two seasons.