Sports to keep you busy in quarantine

Delaney Brown, Co-editor-in-chief

   Due to the growing pandemic, COVID-19, many national, professional, collegiate, and high school sports have been suspended. This means no teams to support, no TV to yell at, and no entertainment every night. At least that is what everyone thought… new sports have revealed themselves through this time of despair. Although it feels like there is going to be endless boredom, it is important to find some light in this darkness and distract yourself from the crazy world. For some, marble racing just maybe that way to replace the void of sports within their lives. 

Jelle’s Marble Run has been hosting marble races since 2006, but didn’t get much attention until 2015 when the channel on Youtube started posting spoofs of the Olympics or the television show “The Amazing Race”. The channel creates different tracks made of materials ranging from plastic to even outdoor tracks. They set up different teams and have fun names for each type of ball.  The videos are actually pretty entertaining to watch, and you can find yourself yelling at the screen for the marbles to roll faster. There is a wealth of teams to join, each with very fun names, and you watch your team roll down crazy tracks. There are even stands filled with marbles cheering on their teammates. It sounds crazy, but trust me, you will find yourself cheering for the Galaxy marble or the Orange Team. 

If you are looking for a more natural sport, the stables are still open. The Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes are still on schedule for May 2nd, 2020 through May 16th. It is not as physical as the NHL, but there is the same level of speed and competition. There are also some competitions on March 28, 2020, Florida Derby and Santa Ana Stakes, and on March 29, 2 020 the Santana Mile. You can live stream these races online for free on, and can be found on the normal cable channels.

Others have turned to watch some of the best moments in sports history. For example, lots of reruns of games like the 1980 USA versus Russia Olympics Hockey Championship, that was made into the iconic movie, “Miracle on Ice” can still send those chills of watching a cutthroat live game down your spine. For others, watching some of Micheal Jordan’s last moments in his Bulls jersey is the way to cure the quarantine of sports blues. Watching iconic moments like Kobe Bryant’s last game when he scored 60 points and holds the most number of points scored in one game. Looking back at these sports history moments will remind you of not only the joys of the past but the moments that are going to be made when sports open back up, which could be sooner than you think.