Dennis Smith, Bucky's Editor

A holiday many people look forward to is Christmas. There are many fun and entertaining things to do during the Christmas season such as opening presents, playing in the snow, baking cookies and watching movies by the fire. However, these things should STAY in the Christmas season. People have put up their Christmas trees in mid-November, decorated for the winter, watched Hallmark movies, and worst of all, played Christmas music. We had not even reached Thanksgiving yet and the celebrating and decorating for Christmas was unacceptable!
Thanksgiving has always been the holiday of giving thanks and feasting on turkey, sweet potatoes, and stuffing. The holiday is not getting the attention it deserves and is being skipped over by Christmas. People should be thankful for what they have and give thanks to others. People shouldn’t be greedy and should wait for Christmas to get the presents they want. The Macy’s Day Parade is a parade solely dedicated to Thanksgiving and is one of the world’s largest parades-enjoy it! Thanksgiving celebrates the harvest and other blessings each year and encourages giving back thanks to the people who give you things or do things for you. Most people don’t celebrate this holiday and are rushing for the Christmas season. People should slow down and enjoy this holiday first.
Once Thanksgiving is over, everyone can decorate and play all the Christmas music they want. There is nothing people hate more than hearing Christmas songs the day after Halloween or even before then! The idea of playing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving is almost the same as celebrating a birthday early when your birthday is a month away. Christmas is one of the most loved holidays, from the endless activities you can do, such as opening presents, checking in your stocking, caroling, holiday parties, and more. There is enough to do in December, so leave the other months out of Christmas, and leave it all for the most wonderful time of the year. The Christmas season is taking over November and leaving no attention to Thanksgiving. There were more decorations for Christmas than Thanksgiving in stores. Hearing Christmas carols before Thanksgiving should be a sin itself. Everything after Thanksgiving day is fair play, however, the start of an early Christmas each year is uncultured, and should wait till the day Thanksgiving is over.
We don’t celebrate any other holiday early- not Halloween, 4th of July, Easter or any other. Why is that? It may possibly be because there are many things to do for Christmas and it celebrates Jesus’ birthday, not to mention you get presents from Santa and are happy you got new pairs of underwear or a new car. Christmas is the most delicious holiday of the year, but it has a whole 25 days in December to be as delicious as it wants. You can show all your Christmas pride in the month of December, but not before. Twenty five days is enough to celebrate the holiday of Christmas. You can get more than enough things done in 25 days. You have 2,160,000 seconds, 36,000 minutes, 600 hours, 25 days, and 3 and a half weeks, all for you to celebrate Christmas. NOT for you to celebrate in November.
Christmas is by far the most well-respected and happiest holiday of them all. Dozens of fun activities to do, even including shoveling snow and making an igloo. Even if you like the indoors better, you can sit down by the fire and watch Christmas movies like “Elf”, “Home Alone”, “Christmas Vacation”, and “A Christmas Story”. You could also listen to Christmas songs. You could do all these fun-filled activities in December because you have 25 whole days to celebrate and not in November, which it seems like most people are doing nowadays. Leave November to Thanksgiving!