Jose: Athlete and maestro


Noah Pagella , Op-Ed

Intelligent, athletic, and respectful: these words perfectly describe the soccer captain and consistent honor roll student, Jose Suarez. Jose is a senior in the Highlander Class of 2020 whose persistence and effort have made him into a revered student and classmate.
Suarez worked hard over his four years as a Highlander, resulting in him being a three-year varsity soccer player and team captain. He stated, “I enjoy being able to lead the team and set an example for everyone on the field.” Going back to his childhood, Suarez says his inspiration for playing soccer was Cristiano Ronaldo,and he was brought up playing the sport by his parents who always loved soccer.
Along with being a fantastic student and soccer player, Suarez also plays trumpet in the school band. Suarez picked up the trumpet in sixth grade, and he has played trumpet throughout middle school until now. All of this experience over time has made him very skilled with the trumpet. Suarez resides as the first chair trumpet player, meaning he’s one of the top in that instrument. He said, “There is a lot of pressure on me to be the best, but it’s okay because I have a lot of fun.”
Outside of school, Suarez has many hobbies, and he likes to stay active. Although he is a skilled trumpet player, his taste in music consists of modern day artists. His favorite artist is rapper Juice Wrld, and his favorite band is Imagine Dragons. He enjoys watching soccer and football as well, stating that his favorite soccer team is Liverpool and he is a fan of the football team the New York Giants. He says his favorite class is calculus, because he’s always been good with numbers and has always enjoyed math classes.
When questioned about his potential future plans, Suarez responded by saying he is applying to many schools, with his first choice being Penn State University. Suarez is looking to continue playing soccer in college while majoring in mechanical engineering. Suarez also wishes to go far with engineering, but is unsure what specific job he would like.
After graduating, Jose Suarez hopes to be remembered as a diligent student, a good classmate, and a force on the field.
Suarez will go on to do great things in life and “The Highland Echo” staff wishes him well.