Paying respect on War and Remembrance Day


Above left to right: Dr. John Myshkoff, Vietnam War Veteran, US Navy; Mr. Robert Myshkoff, Vietnam War Veteran, US Air Force; and Boy Scout Troop 114 Flag Bearer and Patrol Leader Francesco Petrosillo at the annual War and Remembrance Ceremony held May 20.. Dr. J. Myshkoff was a FT-G2 Fire Control Technician stationed on the USS Chicago, a guided missile cruiser. Mr. R. Myshkoff was an E4 Sargeant with the 432nd Field Maintenance Squad stationed in Thailand, working as an airplane mechanic. R. Myshkoff is grandfather to Francesco Petrosillo, while J. Myshkoff is Petrosillo’s Great Uncle. Photo Courtesy: Mrs. Nicole Petrosillo

Colin Webb, News Editor

This past May 24, the West Milford High School welcomed local veterans for the annual ‘War and Remembrance’ day ceremony. Highlanders were seated into the auditorium where Junior Tom Kilroy and Sophomore Amanda Gerold read the names of local veterans who served in various wars who stood to be recognized. Current students who have made the decision to enlist in the nation’s Armed Forces in the upcoming year were also acknowledged and applauded for their commitment to our country.
Following this, the names of those servicemen and women who were killed in action or who have passed away were given, followed by a brief moment of silence.
Though the rest of the day progressed generally as per usual, some of West Milford’s history classes were brought down to the lower library where they got the chance to hear the stories of our nation’s servicemen, such as Korean War veteran Art Hansen and Vietnam War veteran William Johnson. The speakers were given time to tell their own stories, before turning the ceremony over to students for questions.