Competitive eating club tastes victory

Carlos Wis, Bucky's Bulletin

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Above: Carlos Webb and Carlos “just” Carlos competing in a Pop Tart eating challenge. Photo Courtesy: Pthephen

East Milford’s bellies are rumbling and mouths are salivating at another chance to devour their way to the NEC Championships in May.
The Highlanders Competitive Eaters are coming off an impressive season, finishing third in the county standings. The team is lead by four food fanatics, all you can eat sushi lover Zack “Otis” Milko, Bagel Town’ most dedicated customer Jared “The Jarebear” Miller, wing-man Rocco “The Gopher” Gerace, and all-meat chili-eating champion Chris “Butterchubbs” Valenzano.
Head coach Joseph Andriulli will lead these munchers through a drastic fast food-driven diet, which consists of traveling down the southbound side hitting every fast food establishment, and ordering the largest meal on the menu. This will take place every other day for the first two weeks of practice.
From there the team gets down to business, with each competitor eating through their competition for a four week period, until the first eat-off against defending county champions, the rival Lakeland Dancers.
When asking Andriulli about his aspirations for the team he burped up, “This team is hungry, I really don’t understand how after all this eating they do, but I swear this team has an appetite nothing short of the county title and a shot at the NEC Championships.”
He truly believes in the guts of these four guys to hold (at least for the hour minimum before disposing of these meals is allowed) in saying, “Their hard work will be recognized in the glory, records, titles, and probably by anyone strolling down the English wing after these events.”
All competitions are aired on ESPN: The Ocho, Wednesdays at 8pm.