Review: “Ralph Breaks the Internet”wrecks box offices


April Roccisano, A & E Editor

One of the most anticipated animated films of the year, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” was another Disney success. In its run so far, this movie has accumulated over $140 million dollars. The first “Wreck it Ralph” movie made $417.2 million dollars, making it one of the top grossing movies of 2012. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is on its way to making more money than the original. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” was highly anticipated for two reasons. First, the first movie was loved by viewers, and many fans requested a sequel. Second, for the first time in Disney history, all the princesses were featured together in the same movie, in the same room. Many older Disney fans enjoyed the nostalgia of the princesses, while younger viewers were excited to see their favorite princesses in a new movie.
The film begins with Vanellope Von Schweetz feeling bored with the same levels of her game day after day, so Ralph decides to make her a new track. When Vanellope goes to the new track and breaks character, the girl playing the game in real life breaks the steering wheel, and Vanellope and Ralph have to go to Internet to find a new piece, so the game won’t be shut down. Ralph and Vanellope go to the Internet and discover many things, such as advertisements, new games, and the Dark Net. The pair of friends meet Shank, the main player of Slaughter Race, and Vanellope is drawn to her and the game. After spending time in Slaughter Race, Vanellope realizes she wants to stay there, but does not want to hurt Ralph by telling him she does not want to go back to Sugar Rush. The end of this sequel brings about emotions of sorrow, bittersweetness, and contentedness from the viewers.
Reviews for this movie are positive. Rotten Tomatoes rated “Ralph Breaks the Internet” 87%. IGN rated the star movie an 8 out of 10. The star-studded cast, including Sarah Silverman, John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, and Jack McBrayer, all reprised their roles from the first movie. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and especially enjoyed the character of Knowsmore, who was very humorous. The princesses joining together was nostalgic for me, and unexpectedly worked very well with the plot. The hype for this movie was very overwhelming, and the movie was just as enjoyable as I hoped. Vanellope even sang her own solo song called “Slaughter Race” which was not only cute, but comedy relief in an emotional sequence. Although I was saddened by the end of this movie, the writers left the story open for a third.