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Students need more school spirit

Emerson Figueroa, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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We are a school with over 1,100 students, and the amount of school spirit and energy that is being carried right now is pretty abysmal. The school needs a boost in spirit and energy. When students are in conversations with their friends from other towns, and they begin to compare schools, they need to be able to say, without a doubt, “West Milford is the best.” They should say it proudly, boldly, and even a little over-confidently. The school needs students to carry an attitude where they feel West Milford High School is the best in the state.
We can’t just preach all of this excitement and pride for our school either; we really have to show it. We have to make our school more engaging. If we create events or bring events here to make our school more fun and exciting, that idea of pride is going to follow. That is the key to lighting up the spark of the students who attend our school. Who wouldn’t be proud of going to a school with such a lively, spirit-filled environment? It is something to brag about to people who attend or work at other high schools.
When the administration decides to replace enjoyable events with boring events in which the high school students really are not interested, they are losing opportunities to make students say, “Man, that was fun! Our school is awesome for doing that; that’s why I love it here!” Instead, they create this conversation, “Wow, I was actually looking forward to having a great time at that event, and they changed it for that boring thing; that’s why I hate this school. It stinks.”
Things like that are what bring down people’s pride in the school. It is such a big deal to invest in making the school a pleasant place to be; it counters all the stress that being a high school student entails.
Mr. Gerold, the Student Council advisor, along with the Student Council, recognize this problem within our school, which is why they have been trying very hard to organize enjoyable gatherings for the students. They fulfilled a request to have some sort of Halloween event by creating the first annual West Milford Spooktacular, held on October 28.
Thankfully the Student Council was successful in organizing a winter semi-formal for all students, which is exciting news! It has everyone excited and looking forward to Friday, January 12, when the dance will be held at the school.
Mr. Gerold spoke of other events that are in the works, such as a winter indoor Movie Night, Senior Choice Awards, and possibly a talent show.
He is asking for members of the school community to share their ideas of what they would like to see happen here at the high school.
Students should be on the lookout for a Google form in the student email system, so they can submit their suggestions. Student contribution and effort in trying to make more entertaining functions a reality is extremely important, so speak up. Reach out to Mr. Gerold and the student council, give them your thoughts, and help them make these things happen.
Keep an eye out for the gatherings the Student Council or other clubs organize and attend them. Support the effort, have some fun at these events, and give your feedback so they can get better every year.
We need to show our teachers, administration and board members that we would like for these types of student-centered events to keep happening. Let’s stop just mumbling our frustrations and instead speak out loudly and try to do something about it. Show some Highlander Pride and Fear the Deer!

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Students need more school spirit